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Engineering and manufacturing of electrical equipment and industrial automated systems
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''The mountain favors the natural between people. The quality of the exchanges with my clients is unique.''


This requires continuous training to be familiar with international standards and to respect a strict regulatory framework for passenger transport. It changes all the time and it’s exciting! The team consists of 7 sales representatives. It is in winter, from December to April, that we spend most of our time in the field. The ski resorts operate at full throttle and this is an opportunity to visit the customers. Personally, I really appreciate these moments because the relationship is very friendly and the job consists in taking stock of the installations, gathering new needs, detecting any necessary changes or providing advice.


All this information is then forwarded to the technical department and I act as an interface between the customer and our technicians. I also manage the contractual and financial follow-up of the file. It is very pleasant to be involved at each step and to follow the projects completely. In fact, I am sometimes present during the commissioning for technical assistance or training. The perfect opportunity to hurtle down a few slopes during my working days!


What I like about it

On the job side:

We never get bored since we move from the field technical aspect to contract negotiation, without forgetting pure management or day-to-day relational management.


On the company side:

When you like the outdoors and the mountains, gravitating between the Vosges, the Pyrenees and the Alps is quite nice.


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