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Engineering and manufacturing of electrical equipment and industrial automated systems
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Project manager

''They call me Mr. 100,000 volts because I love moving from one file to another…''


My role consists in particular in playing the pivotal role between the sales representative who gathers the customer’s needs and my team of designers who produce electrical diagrams, software and project test files. I find it really interesting to discover both approaches (commercial and technical). Especially since I’m here to make them coincide. My mission: to coordinate the entire design & validation process as well as the interfacing with manufacturing and implementation on site while leading an average of 4 to 5 files at the same time. A task that requires real communication and organizational capabilities and maximum versatility! I move from one task to another depending on the level of progress of each project. It wakes up the neurons! Without forgetting to play the role of safeguard since the project manager also has the role of controlling and guiding technical choices at each stage. He is in a way a guarantor for the smooth implementation of the product. If salespeople and designers for some people love the field, I’m more of a sedentary type. To work 45 minutes from Geneva and Annecy, 2 hours from Lyon and Turin, all within sight of Mont-Blanc is priceless! Passionate about concerts, ski touring and cycling, I let you imagine my weekends!


What I like about it

On the job side:

Getting involved to unburden the team is part of the ambient state of mind and the job and… I like it!


On the company side:

Between nature lovers, sliding sports enthusiasts and globetrotters, SEMER cultivates the big family side. On a daily basis, it really makes a difference.

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+33 (0)4 50 93 60 07
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