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''I move from the design office to the mountain ranges. Quite rare when you're a designer!''


I belong to the SEMER design department and against all odds, I regularly travel the world as part of the implementation of the installations. A great job when you are a lover of extreme sensations (ah! winter in the mountains) or curious to discover other countries! On the purely technical side, my job consists in carrying out tailor-made projects from A to Z on the basis of specifications sheet provided by our customers. All this, of course, in compliance with standards and specifications. And believe me, you have to keep up with the evolution of regulations! As a result, the job is never the same since each installation is different. It’s a new technical challenge that comes up every time and I love it! But what I prefer is the commissioning on site with its share of emotions. Suddenly seeing what you have drawn on the paper take shape and come alive is a unique experience. Especially when the operation takes place at minus 20° C outside… At such times, I comfort myself by thinking about the marmots and chamois I will meet next summer around a path. Still more exciting than doing your eight-hour lock-down, isn’t it?


What I like about it

On the job side:

I learned a sense of responsibility in this position. Getting involved from A to Z and taking on missions alone, sometimes on the other side of the world, has helped me to mature more quickly. Passion, rigor, autonomy and versatility are required!


On the company side:

As a designer, I work in relation with the workshop and the chargés d’affaires. The atmosphere is really nice because all the employees share a love for the mountains and for sliding sports. Just 15 minutes’ drive from Saint-Gervais and Chamonix, SEMER is ideally located!

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