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Engineering and manufacturing of electrical equipment and industrial automated systems
Retour aux fiches métier

Cable fitter for manufacturing

''Whether I am in the workshop, in the mountains or lost at the end of the world, what I prefer is the feeling of being able to manufacture my equipment from A to Z.''


I learned my job in the field thanks to the SEMER internal training reserved for newcomers. I had just finished a curriculum in industrial electricity and I had some basic knowledge of home automation. 90% of the time, I work in the workshop, a dernier cri 1900 m² space where my colleagues and two manufacturing managers are located. It is really nice to build the equipment in a team spirit while being autonomous. The number of employees changes according to seasonality, which can increase from 10 to 30 people! I appreciate this particularity, which allows me to meet new people and exchange knowledge. On the pure function, my job involves the construction of electrical equipment for cable transport and the construction of specific equipment. When I’m not in the workshop, I travel the world a month and a half a year. My mission: to install and connect the products delivered directly to the site. This is how I revive every winter with my love for outdoor building sites since I work in the mountains, sometimes under the snow. But what I prefer are atypical projects like the I-Tower in Brighton that give me the impression of putting the finishing touches to a work of art!


What I like about it

On the job side:

The continuous training to be at the forefront of the latest technological developments and the diversity of tasks.


On the company side:

SEMER is a company on a human scale and this can be felt in terms of relationships. At the same time, it offers the advantages of a large company. That’s very appreciable. And then, for a mountain fan, working between Megève and Chamonix is priceless!

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