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Engineering and manufacturing of electrical equipment and industrial automated systems
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Responsible for on-site works

“In the mountains, the people who work together show a rare solidarity”



Nature lover and passionate by mountain sports, I was far from imagining that my training in industrial electricity would allow me to live my passions all year round. 80% of the time on the field, I go from winter sports resorts to exotic metropolises, to work on cutting-edge technologies used in passenger transport. And my daily life is quite exhilarating since the facilities are all different! I must systematically challenge my knowledge to find new solutions. No way to be bored!


On the human side, each trip has its own set of encounters. From Savoyard to Colombian, Egyptian to Russian, the bond is naturally forged, sometimes despite the language barrier. Fortunately, however, I speak English and Spanish! It’s better for the site meetings I attend because I organize the job, from connecting works to power-up. This global follow-up is really rewarding. Not to mention the emergency missions that boost the adrenaline level and unite the teams!


What I like about it

On the job side:

We are constantly discovering new technical challenges and new territories. For a globetrotter like me, this is a dream! Especially since I do a lot of touring in the mountains, which allows me to practice sliding, hiking and climbing.


On the company side:

SEMER promotes interaction between people. I have seen the birth of great friendships during my missions in France and abroad.

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+33 (0)4 50 93 60 07
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