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ProTEC II: autonomy and reliability

Already widely used in ski resorts, the ProTEC remote control is undergoing new developments. SEMER's remote-controlled radio solution becomes ProTEC II.


ProTEC is the tool designed by SEMER to perform safe maintenance operations on ropeways, both online and at the station. The solution is now deployed in 120 ski areas, representing a fleet of 700 ropeways. To meet the needs of its customers, SEMER has made further improvements resulting in the production of ProTEC II. Hardware developments, maintenance solutions­ and new services: an overview of the ProTEC universe.


The advantages of ProTEC II

ProTEC II benefits from an "energy saving" mode, an evolution expected by­ some users. This standby mode on the backlit­ display provides the operator with up to 50 hours of battery life.

The other major development concerns radio coverage: the active secure radio repeater ensures optimal radio coverage even in the case of a complex line profile or difficult site configuration.

Finally, in this second version, ProTEC is still based on a positive safety trigger system; once released, for any reason whatsoever, it guarantees the shutdown of the installation and therefore the protection of the operator in the event of a problem.


The importance of maintenance

Facing a drop in radio performance, it is necessary to adopt the right reflexes to maintain a quality signal. And it­ starts with a preventive maintenance approach, especially before each season of use, as the antennas and connectors may have suffered from the vagaries of the weather. Thanks to the maintenance­ kit offered by SEMER, the operator can, himself or with the help of a SEMER technician, control the radio coverage of the line and make adjustments. This kit is composed of the "Dialog RSP" software, through which it is possible to view the radio signals along the line profile, check their quality and adjust, if necessary, the receiver's directional antenna. This kit also includes the supply of equipment dedicated to controlling the connection­ between the repeater and the antenna.


And always the SEMER service

SEMER offers ropeways operators the maintenance of their­ ProTEC remote controls fleet­ via the revision of their equipment - suitcase and handle - with the­ replacement of components if necessary, in order to guarantee the system's performance.

ProTEC remote controls can always be repaired, regardless of the version.

Last but not least, the features of the­ ProTEC II system can be integrated into the ProTEC I ­version.

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