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Automated People Mover

Creation and implementation of all electrical equipment and automated systems for winches, vehicle trains and platforms.

Date of completion
Cable transport - Urban


Customer stakes:

To renovate the APM while guaranteeing maximum service continuity

In the heart of Miami International Airport (Florida), LPOA (POMA USA subsidiary) is renovating an APM connecting two passenger terminals. Constraint: this APM must be compatible with the trackways and stations of existing installations (composed of two self-propelled trains running on parallel dedicated tracks, with a length of 375 m).

A major challenge

A premiere!

The major challenge is to guarantee the replacement of trains in 24 months, while ensuring a permanent flow of 2,800 passengers per hour during the works (double after the works).


In order to allow this continuity of service, the renovation was thought in two phases, including the replacement of the equipment on the “South” line, the “North” line being kept in operation and vice versa. For the airport, which has never used cable transport, this is a first.

The SEMER Solution:

A 3 in 1 technological response

The SEMER solution met no less than 3 challenges. Compliant with UL standards in force at American airports, it has obtained certification for all equipment, from variable speed drives to control cabinets including on-site wiring.


In line with the documentary requirements of the aeronautics industry, SEMER convinced the project management of the relevance of the design methods for safety software with limited variability according to the European standard EN61508. Finally, the 24-month completion deadline was met, as well as the design and validation phases required by the standards.


SEMER engineering teams have developed a simulator representative of the complete system of trains in order to carry out a number of unitary and integration tests at the factory in France. Part of the qualification was thus obtained at the factory, while the on-site installation work began.

Key figures

Flow rate

5   6 0 0  

passengers per direction and per hour

Installed capacity



High availability

>   9 9 . 9 %