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SEMER makes the after-sales service evolve

If the notion of after-sales service may seem immutable, SEMER is devoting its energy to developing it to adapt to the market of ski area operators, their needs and requirements.


Experience and know-how

At SEMER, after-sales service is closely linked to design; teams exchange skills and feedback within a single "Design - After-Sales Service" design office. The understanding of systems, businesses and processes is at the heart of the after-sales service to offer skills applicable to the latest generation ropeways meeting stringent specifications, but also to older ropeways with obsolete components... Like the renovation of two Diesel Railcars for the Compagnie du Mont Blanc (CMB) - locomotives 31 for the Mont Blanc tramway and 33 for the Montenvers, used for material transport and maintenance operations - that required all SEMER's expertise. The SEMER after-sales service team beavered away closely with CMB to redraw the electrical diagrams of these two 800 HP 12-cylinder V-type diesel machines, dating from 1967 and 1972, in order to extend their lifespan and modernize them.


Diagnosis and reactivity, in France and abroad

2,000 hours: this is the time spent by SEMER on telephone assistance each year. While they offer increased responsiveness for the fastest possible restart, these calls are then cross-analyzed in order to improve the after-sales service approach and the design itself.


The “teleservice”, implemented 12 years ago by SEMER, also goes in this direction; with the agreement of the operator and according to a predefined protocol, SEMER can connect remotely to several hundred installations: the i-360 in Brighton, the MiniMetro in Miami and Cairo, the Barroso materials flyingbelt, the cable cars in New York, and many ropeways! A process that allows SEMER to visualize what the operator has in front of him in order to provide him with the most accurate diagnosis or advice possible.


SEMER also trains external technicians for better local responsiveness in maintenance operations; this is the case abroad, with employees of the POMA group's foreign subsidiaries, but also in France via the partnership with EMP for the Pyrenees sector.


Anticipation, the key to successful maintenance

With HyperView, SEMER encourages ropeways operators to anticipate their maintenance operations. This year, Châtel, Chamrousse or Avoriaz - among others - are joining the ski resorts already equipped with the monitoring software developed by SEMER. The objective: to know and analyze precisely the past and present state of the lifts fleet in order to develop efficient and economical preventive and predictive maintenance. HyperView also allows you to generate several statistical tools on the technical performance of each installation: availability, energy efficiency, number of passengers, etc.


In parallel, SEMER always provides a traditional after-sales service (Magali or stock-pieces@semer.fr) for repairs on PLCs, drives, safety groups - with the distribution of spare parts - or more original, with alternative technical solutions for each component that has become obsolete or will disappear.

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