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Engineering and manufacturing of electrical equipment and industrial automated systems


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Total control for maximum safety

It is in our 1,900m² workshop that the 100% SEMER takes on its full meaning. Driven by the conviction that only total control of the manufacturing chain can guarantee quality and reliability, we orchestrate each step of the equipment manufacturing process. The assembly, wiring, control, power-up, charging and testing phases in the factory are carried out entirely by our 30 technicians.

Manufacturing according to SEMER

  • Mastery of EC, UL and CCC standards
  • More than 500 linear meters of electrical cabinets produced each year
  • 250 m² of test platforms and load banks
  • 35,000 hours / year


A wide range of customized products


  • General Low Voltage Table (TGBT)
  • Power conversion cabinet up to 3000 A
  • Automation panel and control desks
  • Embedded automation boards
  • Network racks

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+33 (0)4 50 93 60 07
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