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SEMER: the “DirectDrive” guarantee

Operating comfort, maintenance, environmental footprint, the DirectDrive is particularly remarkable at several levels. Quiet in the station, the DirectDrive technology is also quiet in drive cabinets thanks to hydraulic cooling (which allows, by the way, to recover dissipated thermal energy). Comfort benefits that should not make you forget the essential: higher efficiency of the entire kinematic chain, lighter maintenance due to low speed and therefore lower mechanical wear. Add, at the electrical level, the filtering of harmonic currents and the compensation of reactive energy, at the ecological level, the absence of oil due to the absence of a gearbox, and the DirectDrive becomes essential (this drive solution also optimizes electrical premises thanks to the dimensions of the inverters modules - H x D x W : 2100 x 800 x 400 mm).


With drive commissioning all over the world (Pyrenees, Alps, South America, Asia...), SEMER has recorded very positive feedback!


Priority to availability

One of the strengths of DirectDrive is operation continuity. A motor stator consists of 48 windings. On small motor’s sizes, 2 "inverter" modules supply 24 windings each. On large sizes, 4 "inverter" modules supply 12 windings each. In the event of loss of a module or winding, if the motor is sufficiently oversized, degraded operation can be maintained at nominal speed and flow rate.


Production and after-sales service 100% SEMER

Within this range of assets, the most unknown advantage of DirectDrive is not the least important: SEMER's technological mastery in its entirety. 100% of the components, of EC origin and mass-produced in large series by recognized industries, are thus bought and stored by SEMER, a guarantee of availability.


The entire assembly of the inverters is carried out by SEMER at the factory. The teams of technicians have been trained in the specificities of these inverters, their factory and on-site controls. SEMER engineers are experts in the implementation and adjustment of inverters, as well as in their diagnosis and component replacement. They are constantly supported by the inverters designers from the HTI group and participate in the continuous improvement of these products. Some components can be replaced directly by the operator, others must be replaced by SEMER. Its engineers, and those of the HTI group, can diagnose and possibly adjust the inverters remotely if the remote service is activated.


A solution of the future

The DirectDrive inverter owes its success to its simplicity and modularity, the result of the investment of highly skilled teams who also strive to meet the new needs of the markets: increase in ratings (torques) and voltage levels, operation with electric power supply on generator set, use with the ZenIS load simulation function or compatibility with the EcoDrive function, which allows to regulate the speed of the lift and queue volume.

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